Storytelling is perhaps the oldest existing performance art.  You basically sit or stand as you tell a story before a large or small group (at least one person - otherwise you come off as quite insane).   Some have instruments, some don’t.  Some sing, some don’t.

I tell for all ages, though have a strong weakness for telling stories to adult audiences.

I mostly tell original stories (some that have been published), and adaptations of myths and legends.  I've turned some of my stories into podcasts.

Check out my winning Once Upon A Slam entry: A Betrayal by Underwear (I tell the hard stories.)

I also have video from my Iceborn 2009 set: A Facebook Fairy Tale.

I'm also part of a wicked group of performers, the Kymeras, featuring storyteller Ruthanne Edward, poet Kathryn Hunt and spoken word artist Sean Zio.  Check out our official website!

Ottawa Storytelling Festival 2010