Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Con*Cept Schedule

I'm off to Con*Cept in Montreal next weekend.  For those of you who'll be around, here's my schedule:

18:30, St-Francois
I'm thinking I'll read from works in progress.  Fun times!
NOTE: Claude Lalumière's reading will be taking place right before mine.  Why not come listen to his stuff, too? 

22:00, Terrasse
The Growth of Cruelty in SF
Marie Bilodeau(m), Violette Malan, Danny Sichel, Pete Pettit

11:00, Terrasse
The Realities of Being Published
Marie Bilodeau(m), Derwin Mak, Geoff Hart

12:00, St-Francois
Injecting Reality in Fantasy Literature
Marie Bilodeau(m), Claude Lalumière, Jo Walton, Kathryn Cramer

18:00, Terrasse
Fantasy Economies
Jo Walton(m), Rob St-Martin, Mark Shainblum, Marie Bilodeau

11:00, Portneuf
L'art d'écrire une nouvelle, de la fantaisie ou de la SF
Marie Bilodeau, Ariane Gélinas

12:00, Portneuf
I'm in the mood for ghost stories.  Are you?

14:00, Terrasse
Beating the Writers Block
Marie Bilodeau(m), Claude Lalumière, Geoff Hart

16:00, St-Francois
Were Our Ancestors Really That Stupid?
Eric Flint, Marie Bilodeau(m), Lena Breijer, Pete Pettit

Lots of interesting panels on here and I can't wait to chat it up!  Hope to see you there!