Friday, 16 November 2012


So I was at World Fantasy and I was going to blog about that, but then I was really sick and gross and all "meh," so I slept for two weeks instead. But I feel better!

Now, I shall not be patient zero at the next con, which starts today: Naru2U!  (  It's a quaint anime con at the Travelodge in Ottawa. Roomy and I are both doing panels.

Mine are:

Friday, November 16, 9pm
Marie and Jay's Crazy Hour!
Exclamation mark and everything!  The Jay is Jay Odjick, a local comic book writer and artist whom I adore.  He's funny, I'm funny, we're dangerous together.  There may be some swearing, and we'll talk something writing related.  It'll be good, trust me on that.

Sunday, November 18, 10 am
Collecting 101
This is Roomy's brainchild.  I think she's tired of me always referring to her collection and conveniently glossing over mine. But mine is tiny.  I've referred to it a couple of times, and it has lots of He-Man and She-Ra in it. We'll also have another collector there, and she deals in Transformers. Again, we're all funny, so it should be fun (that's my disclaimer for everything, apparently).


For My Little Pony lovers, Bronies, and pony fetishers (I don't want to know), Roomy, AKA ElfPony, has the following panels:

Friday, November 16, 8pm
All I know is the supplies have a severed head in them.  Looks about right.  Good for toy restorations, too, I imagine, and for roommates going eeewwwwww at times.

Saturday, November 17, 6pm
Bronies vs. Collectors
This, to my knowledge, highlights the sticky issues that can arise when a new, enthusiastic and recognized fan group "takes over" an existing, long-lasting fandom.  It should be fun to watch!

Hope to see you there!