Tuesday, 22 January 2013

G-Anime Schedule

One of my favourite cons is this weekend - G-Anime in Gatineau, QC.  It's just on the other side of the bridge from me, and Roomy and I enjoy our various panels there.  Roomy's doing a slew of stuff on ponies, of course. If you're interested in customizing, toy restoration or talking ponies, you'll want to check out this con.

I'll be talking writing, creativity, and some collecting, as Roomy's new mission in life is outing me of the collection closet. I have a quaint collection of He-Man and She-Ra figures, which anyone who follows me on Facebook knows.

Battlecat is not amused.
Check out the fun:

Collecting 101 - Friday at 1800 in Panel 1  (with Roomy and Mary Stormy Pletsch)

Writers: Writing Sf And Fantasy - Friday at 1900 in Panel 2 (with Jay Odjick and Derek Künsken)

Characters And Plot - Friday at 2100 in Panel 2 (with Jay Odjick)

Keeping The Words Flowing - Saturday at 1100 in Panel 2  (with Jay Odjick)

Living The Creative Life - Saturday at 1200 in Panel 3 (with Jay Odjick and Roomy)

Collecting 102 - Saturday at 1600 in Panel 1(with Roomy and Mary Stormy Pletsch)

Writing Original Stuff - Saturday at 2000 in Panel 2 (with Jay Odjick and Derek Künsken)

Writers: Resources In Ottawa - Saturday at 2100 in Panel 2  (with Jay Odjick and Derek Künsken)