Tuesday, 26 February 2013

This and That and What?

Warning!  I'm totally going to be serious for a minute here.  I don't usually do this, but I'm proud, and I want to share. I'll keep it short. Not many words are required, really. As always: My blog, my rules!  (Having a blog is turning me into a power mad dictator. A power mad caffeinated dictator. FEAR ME!)

Yesterday I was featured in an article in the Globe and Mail on women and science-fiction.  I count Madeline and Nina among my friends, and I was stoked to share page time with them.  I'm in good company!

The comments of course became sexist and stupid on the Globe and Mail. You have to sign in to sound like an idiot on this site, so that's why there were only five comments. Stupidity requiring effort often gets tossed to the wayside.  Let us now all be grateful for the small blessing that is a user account.

Regardless of the stupidity of random comments, I did notice that not one person on Facebook or any of the groups I belong to (which pretty much cover SF/F in Canada) made a stupid sexist remark. No one even refuted Madeline's comment on how a low-cut dress is at times the only thing that gets her noticed on otherwise all-male panels (I've been there, sister). And let's pay attention to that lack of comment, instead.

It shows that at least in this community, we're acknowledging the existence of sexism/wrongful gender perceptions.  And acknowledgment is a great place to be and to move forward from (keywords: move forward from).

I love this community, flaws and all. Thank you for being so supportive!