Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I'm Number Two!

I wanted to thank everyone for their votes in the Aurora Awards.  It seriously meant a lot to me to make it on the ballot, and to come so close to a win!  Douglas Smith, a wonderful writer and person, won in the short fiction category.  But I came in second!  That's awesome - I absolutely adored writing Happily Ever After and still feel it's one of my strongest pieces.

I had predicted the winner for the novel category: Tanya Huff.  She predicted I would win, so I got to tell her that sure, she'd won an Aurora, but I was better at predicting winners. Ha!  Tanya is a wonderful writer and human being, and go check out her books. 

I couldn't be happier to see two such wonderful people take the Aurora Awards, as well as everyone else who came away with an award or just made the ballot.  Nods to Robert J. Sawyer for his Lifetime Achievement Award, to Hayden Trenholm for his Best Related Work win (Blood and Water anthology), and to Derek Newman-Stille for Speculating Canada (one of my favourite sites). 

I also had the honour of presenting the award for Best Poem/Song, which went to David Clink (accepted by his brother-in-law, Robert J. Sawyer).  For that, they gave me the punched out leaf from the trophy - it's deadly and sharp. These people know their community!

And so I leave you with my heartfelt gratitude and a picture of me with a punched out leaf:

Thanks to Tracey A. Vibert for accosting me in the corridor to take this picture.