Friday, 4 April 2014

Blog Hop Thing In Which I Cannot Follow the Rules

The wonderful Eileen Bell invited me to do a blog hop thing. I thought hopping kinda sounded like twirling, which I reallllly like to do, so I hopped right on! (Ha!)  She sent me rules and stuff, but those sounded kind of boring, so I'm only following the inviting three other authors for next week.

I'M BREAKING ALL THE RULES BWA HA HA HA HA!  Which is why I'll never be invited to twirl again. Sigh.

So, first I answer questions. These are them and I interpret them however I desire.  MY BLOG MY RULES!

(I'm sorry I'll stop screaming now. And I'll put down this cup of coffee.)

QUESTION 1: What am I working on right now?
I'm thinking about cupcakes!  Because we're having a party this weekend and we announced it as a Cupcakes and Sweets Party and it's NOT because THERE ARE NO CUPCAKES!  But I'm not working on them, so I guess that doesn't count for anything.  And I think this is supposed to be about writing.

... I don't like to talk about my works in progress.  So, for you, a Haiku:

I twirl in the mud
I slip in the muck
I land on my butt

... It's not a good haiku, but it celebrates the imminent spring.  I feel that works.

QUESTION 2: How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I blow lots of stuff up and kill people.  What makes me stand out is that, UNLIKE THE REST OF YOU HEARTLESS SF/F WRITERS, I sometimes have a conscience. See?

QUESTION 3: Why do I write what I do?
I think I'm funny, even when I'm super dark.

QUESTION 4: How does my writing process work?
I sit down and write. I drink lots of caffeine. Sometimes, I don't sleep for a couple of days. And I hang out at convents.  But mostly, it's the writing part that matters. Usually that does the trick.


I've invited three members of my writing group, the East Block Irregulars, to join this twirling thing with me, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST AND YOU MUST READ ALL THAT THEY WRITE!

I kinda forgot to ask for their bios, so I made them up instead.  But I totally checked their weblinks, so that's good.

Hayden Trenholm
The background shadows in every shot (every. single. shot) of politicians on the Hill contain Hayden. You can't see him clearly at first, but keep on gazing, and don't blink even as the tears stream from your eyes. You'll eventually see him. First in those shadows, and then everywhere else. If you read his detective noir novels (the Steele Chronicles) or read his latest anthology (Strange Bedfellows), you'll suddenly understand why he's in those shadows. He recently extended his conquests through Bundoran Press, which he *says* he acquired through proper channels. Check out his website and actual bio at

Matt Moore
Matt was the only baby in the world, of any age or time, to be born on the day of his birth.  Some say it's given him special insight into the human psyche; others say it's driven a wedge in his sanity. If you read any of his works, don't string every second word of each sentence together.  IT IS AN EVIL SPELL.  If you see him host the Ottawa ChiSeries, make sure to say "AMEN" every time he lifts his hands, or YOU WILL BE STRUCK DOWN.  Check him out at

Geoff Gander
Geoff didn't exist until a year and a half ago, when an Elder God accidentally summoned him from the darkest depths. Each strand of his curly hair crackles with unspent magic, which makes conversing with him difficult. To make up for this unfortunate condition, he's learned to sing every piece of dialogue, which is particularly welcomed at his D&D games. Check out his hair at

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