Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Announcing "Le Sang de Mirial" !!!

I'm extremely excited to announce that Les Éditions Alire has picked up the French rights to the Destiny series (yay!)!  Destiny's Blood (Le Sang de Mirial) is already announced in their catalogue for Fall 2015, to be translated by the ridiculously talented Élisabeth Vonarburg (double yay!).

This, for me, marks a major threshold in my career. I'm from Québec and identify as a French Canadian, but I write in English (I learned English by reading fantasy/sci-fi books).  Most of my family is still in Québec, and few of them are fluent enough in English to get through my books.  They buy every single one though - I could never complain of not having a supportive family.

Now, this marks the time when I get to actually share my works with my family.  I'm over the moon.  And over several star systems that are now going to be blown up bilingually (very Canadian).

... Wait, they'll be able to read every single horrible thing I do in these books?  ... My family is going to disown me...

I can't wait to share more news as I get it!

Au plaisir!