Friday, 22 May 2015

Anime North Schedule!

Roomy and I are off to Toronto for Anime North! If you're there and would like to chat writing, storytelling or just, you know, chat, you can find me here:

The Co-Creative Process 
Friday at 2000 (8:00 pm) in Ottawa (International Plaza) 
Working as part of a creative team to meet your deadlines without ending up dead! 

Collecting: When is Enough Too Much? 
Saturday at 1400 (2:00 pm) in Ottawa (International Plaza) 
A frank discussion about managing a collection, including budgeting, defending your collection, and letting go.

Paper to eBooks 
Saturday at 1500 (3:00 pm) in Ottawa (International Plaza) 
An apparently simple change, but everything changed. A panel of authors reveal the far reaching implications of this new distribution channel. 

Business of writing 
Saturday at 1600 (4:00 pm) in Ottawa (International Plaza) 
So you wrote it. Now how do you make money with it? How could you keep doing so and make a livelihood from hitting your keyboard? 

Help! I've run out of space! 
Saturday at 2300 (11:00 pm) in Ottawa (International Plaza) 
Let's talk about curating, displaying, and enjoying a collection.

I'll also be at Roomy's panels, playing technical support. Check out her schedule.

I just noticed that all of my panels are in the Ottawa room.  Ha ha! That's awesome. And fitting.

Hope to see you there!

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