Monday, 22 June 2015

Introducing Planet X Podcast!

When someone awesome like Jay Odjick approaches you to propose a new project, you say yes without even asking for details. Well, I did, anyway, and I certainly have no regrets!

Jay wanted to chat pop culture and geek news on a new weekly podcast, including comic book picks, movie reviews, TV and video game news... all coated in bad jokes and cool music.
He also brought on board Ken Bonnie, a past reviewer for Rue Morgue.  I didn't know Ken before this, and I'm glad Jay introduced us. Much like Jay, Ken is just the right combo of smart and funny, and the three of us hit our stride right away!

Episodes 1 and 2 are widely available, including on iTunes.  Our cyber-home is here, but follow us wherever you get your podcasts from!  We'll endeavour to post every Sunday evening/Monday morning to start your week off right (that's totally a thing)!

Hope you'll give us a listen!  See you on Planet X!

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