Monday, 14 September 2015

Planet X Podcast: Already at Episode 14!

We're already at episode 14 of Planet X Podcast! Time flies by! Thanks to everyone here who's been following along with the podcast. Jay OdjickKen Bonnie and myself appreciate it!
This week, I personally got to review Night of the Living Deadpool (insane fun). Jay talks video games and Ken gives the rundown of all the upcoming genre TV (well, until mid October. And only some of it, because there's a lot more than one podcast can hold! What a world we live in).
Also, Jay asked Ken and I to pitch a movie to a random title he made up. Mine was for Anacondangerzone. Listen if you'd like to hear my pitch - it may not be what you think (I like to switch things up).
Thanks for all of your support!

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