Monday, 6 April 2009


Wow. I’m not the best updater in the world, I’ll admit. Like, really.

But, to be fair, I’ve been having a good old fun busy time. Princess of Light is out and sales are going well! It’s really neat to hear what people have to say about the book. I’ve decided I enjoy being analyzed. It makes me sound deep.

I’ve been told of late that I have issues with organized religion. Two different people have analyzed me as such, which is neat. For the record, I’m fine with organized religion. I think it’s fun, even though I’m not organized enough to partake.

I’ve also been told when I told a story of a nun scratching my butt (see? I like organized religion! A single girl gets action where she can, after all!), that I have great post-modern themes. I thought that was fun too.

... I should specify that the nun scratching my butt thought she was removing a bug. She didn’t stop when she realized it was a hole (I know, I embarrass my mother too with my poor weekend wardrobe). She didn’t stop when the hole grew. She just made more clucking noises and kept saying “Ya, that’s a hole, all right!” Well now my t-shirt is practically a black hole, but I’m comfortable with that. I truly am.

After all, it provided me with a post-modern story!

That’s all the analysis I have yet. So far so good!

(I promise I'll post something sooner this time! I plan for within a week. Make that two, just in case. I'd hate to be analyzed as a liar.)