Friday, 30 April 2010

Book 3 on Amazon!

Sorceress of Shadows is now available for order on - yay! 

I admit to being gripped by conflicting emotions when it comes to this book.  I love this book - I really do, but it was a bittersweet writing experience.  After spending three books in the same world and in the company of the same characters, it's a bit hard to let go.

When I received my copies of Princess of Light and held them in my hands for the first time, I was so nervous that something had gone wrong that I barely enjoyed the moment.  With Warrior of Darkness, I picked up the copies on my way out of town to a con, and I didn't even open the boxes until I arrived there.  When I handed them out to my family, I even forgot to sign my brother's copy.  He still goes on about that, actually.  (Okay, maybe if I'd sign it he'd stop, but that's just a guess.)

But I'm really looking forward to receiving my shipment of Sorceress of Shadows.  I mean, ya, the Ottawa book launch is in a week, so that makes it pressing, but I'm also looking forward to holding the final volume in my hands.  It's more real to me for some reason, maybe because the story is coming to a close.  Holding the final book for the first time might be an emotional moment.  Might not be - keeping an open mind.

Well, if they come the Friday of the book launch, it'll be an emotional moment filled with adrenaline and relieved cursing, and I really hope to avoid that. I drink too much caffeine to safely be accosted by such strong emotions!