Friday, 21 May 2010

Saintdom (or some such thing)

I felt pretty saintly this morning.  I helped pick up escaped newspapers downtown and bought a coffee for someone who had forgetten their wallet. To complete my ascension to Heaven, I purchased a Soy Chai Latte (see last Friday's post).  It went downhill when I took a swig from the heavenly drink:

Me: {expletive} that's good!
Turn around to see young woman with child (who the heck brings their children downtown at 6:30 am?  No one's had their coffee yet - it's a dangerous place!)
Me:  {expletive!}I mean, um, sorry!
Shuffles out mumbling.

Seriously.  That's child endangerment, I say.

At least I'm off to the convent tonight.  That will surely help my seared soul.  I'll chat with Giant Jesus, resist the urge to look into graves (one can only hope) and possibly get my butt scratched by a nun again.  Well, okay, that's probably not saintly, but at least I'll get lots of work done on the new novel.  That'll have to do!