Friday, 22 July 2011


Exciting news!  I sold two short stories this year (woo!), and the second one is now available! Co-written by the lovely and talented Gabrielle Harbowy, Deserter is part of Beast Within 2: Predator & Prey, edited by Jennifer Brozek and published by Graveside Books.

Co-writing a story was lots of fun.  I wouldn't recommend doing it with someone you don't trust and respect.  In my case, that was hardly an issue.  Our story is a fun tale that involves were-cats.  Come on!  Who doesn't want to come back as a housecat?

This story is doubly fun, since it marks what I believe is my publication in every on of the speculative fiction large umbrellas (we're not going into all the nit-picky subgenres).  Say fantasy, science-fiction and horror.  Let's see - I have many stories in fantasy (my main squeeze), Destiny's Blood is considered science-fiction (it has spaceships or, as a friend described it, sword and sorcery meets science-fiction), and now this story would be considered horror.  Even though I'm pretty sure my fantasy stuff tends to be more horrifying. Or disgusting, when you consider Gluck.

If you're a Margaret Atwood fan and want to stick in literary fantasy as its own umbrella, my first two short stories, The Taste of Sand and, um, something else, were definitely in that stream. What the heck was that story called?  It was about an old woman suffering from Alzheimer, having a tender moment with her dead husband... Ah well, it'll come back to me at some point.  In fact, I'll find it and post it here as a goodie. Why not.  If I find it. Let me clarify.

But yes, I'm now published in all SF genres! Woo!

And, cherry on top of my large sundae, another review came out for When the Hero Comes Home, by Angela Roberts from the.gloaming magazine.  She liked it, which is awesome, and listed The Legend of Gluck as one of her top five.