Thursday, 2 February 2012

Aurora Awards - A Request

The nomination period for the Aurora Awards is now open. I have one eligible short story: The Legend of Gluck, from Dragon Moon Press' When the Hero Comes Home anthology.  Check out a list of eligible works.

Again, all Canadians can vote for Canadian works of SF/F.  Simple enough.

Important note: They changed the nominating/voting rules this year.  It used to be that you could nominate for free, and then you had to pay a nominal fee (last year 5.50) to vote.  This year, you have to join to nominate, at the cost of $10.

If you're a big sci-fi fan and really want to show your support for a bunch of people, then do so here.  Any nomination is of course welcome.  Last year, I was a finalist in the novel category, and it was definitely a highlight of my career.

My request: I know a lot of my readers are not in the sci-fi community. Obviously, I appreciate the desire to support authors we love. I try to do it myself!  But I honestly can't help but think that $10 is a lot of money if you're not a part of the community.  So if you'd like to show your support but are strapped for money, and I suggest this for any of the Aurora categories or anyone whose works resonate with you, then support them by helping spread the word.  Tell a friend.  Write a review on Amazon.  Tell your blog readers about said author/convention/filker/etc.

That's showing support, too, and is greatly appreciated.  Again, last year's nomination was a highlight of my career, and I can't thank you all enough for that. Your support, in any shape or form, is always appreciated.

Let this in no way be interpreted as criticism towards the Aurora committee.  They are an awesome, hard-working bunch and they need the financial backing to do what they do, which means a lot to the community.

But my priority is, of course, my readers, and it's up to them to show their support however they feel best. And I certainly love giving options.

Either way, I give an ever eternal thank you to all of you.  You = awesome, and I wouldn't be where I am today without you.