Thursday, 23 February 2012

5 Cs


The cover of Destiny’s Fall is now underway, which is exciting. I consider myself lucky. You hear lots of horror stories from other authors on how the cover doesn’t match their book at all.  The cover artist for both Destiny’s Fall and Destiny’s Blood, Kari-Ann Anderson, actually takes the time to read each book and come up with a concept that matches the feel and tone of the book.

Kari-Ann just sent notes and a quick sketch, and it’s going to be awesome. As she mentioned, it’ll match the book’s epic destruction. It’s, um, a bit apocalyptic. I’m very much looking forward to sharing the final art with you all.  No to mention the story! We’re still on target for a launch date in Toronto at Ad Astra and Ottawa the following week.  Not sure if we’ll hit anywhere else yet, but feel free to send ideas!  I love ideas.


Kari-Ann and I were chatting recently and we realized that we both met the publisher of Dragon Moon Press, Gwen Gades, at World Fantasy Con.  It’s there that I sold Destiny’s Blood, and it’s there that Gwen hired Kari-Ann to do cover art for her.  I love it when life forms little bows that match the tidiness of fiction.

That was World Fantasy Con in Calgary, in 2008. It was my first con, and it’s a pro con.   This is one of those traveling cons, like WorldCon. If it comes near you and you want to meet folk in the industry, it’s a great place to be. I’m going again this year, since it’ll be in Toronto.  Practically next door!

I’ve also updated my appearances section. I’m doing fewer cons this year since I’m concentrating on writing.  A few more cons will be added to the roster, but funds are tight, so I have to be a bit picky.  Time, however, is not that tight.  Heck, I don’t even have a show scheduled until June!  I’m up for house concerts, if you’re interested. I do miss storytelling.  I haven’t been on stage since my December Voices of Venus set, and I’m feeling it.  But the writing is going really well, and my brain isn’t torn between rehearsing for upcoming shows and writing, which is a bit nice, for a change. I’m sure my thoughts will get cabin fever if they don’t get to play with other stories, so this is not a long-term set-up.


This year, it’s been a very mild winter. We haven’t received gobs of snow, and it’s been much warmer than usual. I haven’t lost feeling in my limbs or ears once this year and, let’s face it, in Canada we usually enjoy that experience at least once a year.  Hypothermia, our old friend.

Regardless of that boon, I’m finding the winter a bit hard.  I’ve been referring to my own survival list, and I’ll be adding to it next year.  I’ve given myself permission to hide during this month, which I believe is the first time I’ve ever done this. I’m quite enjoying it!  Roomy and I have a little cooking/cleaning/chilling routine that’s working out nicely. I’m about to ruin it in March since travels will begin anew, but still, it’s just what I needed this February.

Now that the sun is peaking on the horizon when I leave the house in the mornings, my energy is also spiking back up. Good!  I've got lots to get done!  Maybe I won't need to drink as much coffee now? Nah...


I forgot to put my leftover in the fridge last week and, despite nuking, the chicken totally tried to kill me. Last Thursday night is a bit of blur. I remember having to change the channel multiple times trying to avoid food shows while trying to ignore my stomach before settling on one of those wedding dress shows. Then they took out champagne and cake and I had to run to the bathroom. Roomy had a migraine, so she was staring at me squinty-eyed.

The cats didn’t care at first, but by 2 a.m. they thought it was a fun game, following me around.  Roomy’s cat stayed cuddled with her, but I had my three fuzzballs meowing at me and dancing around me. Not very useful.

But all better now!  I’ll chalk it up to a good experience to be able to write about (okay, nobody wants to read about food poisoning). Or maybe I’ll just chalk it up to a life lesson and pay more attention.  Not likely, but it’s nice to dream.

**Roomy informs me it was ground turkey, not ground chicken, but I had a "C" theme going on and I'm sticking with it.


Red and blue, to be specific.

Roomy now has two beta fish.  She had some years ago, but the recent acquisition of kittens (well, recent meaning almost three years ago) made her too worried to get some more. She finally broke down a couple of weeks ago and acquired a red and a blue beta. Their names are Kami and Kaze.

So far, the kittens have been quite good. They look at them, which is cool. It’s good cat TV.

How’s your February going? Are you hiding out? Playing? How are the pets? Any new acquisitions?

Delight me with your stories!