Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Destiny's Fall Update!

Things are trucking along for the various Destiny's Fall launches!

First off, most exciting news, the book is available for purchase on my publisher's website!  Woo!!!  Ebook lovers can pick up their copy for 2.99, and the print copy is 19.99. (Or you can come to a book launch because they're awesome fun!)  It'll be popping up on other sites soon, but this is the first one and so must be celebrated.

In other news, I'm informed the Toronto book launch at Ad Astra will take place in the Event Space, not the Con Suit.  Still at 8:30 pm. Check out the awesome posters made by the lovely and talented JM Frey:

The Winnipeg event at McNally Robinson book launch now has an event listing with all the info, and I'm chatting with the Keycon crew to figure out details for the launch there.

Meanwhile, back in Ottawa, my mom, Roomy and I went to check out the space at the Lieutenant's Pump, and it's absolutely lovely. We then decided to sample the fares to ensure it was awesome enough for our party, and it was quite lovely.  Kerri tried a hamburger, I had a roast beef sandwich, and mom tried a vegetarian option. Trust me, if you come for food, you'll love it. If you don't wanna come for food, come for a book!  You'll love that, too. Even more!

So there you have it - it's all coming together!

As a treat, here's an excerpt from Destiny's Fall:

“Cap’ain!” Avienne's second-in-command, a short man named Larod, screamed.

“Gun the engines, get us out!”

“Solariers are telling us to stand down,” said Jaru, her systems analyst.

“And I’m saying the docks need redecorating. Gun the engines!”

The two moved quickly to obey her order. The engines churned to life, the scent of rotten cabbage pumping through the entire ship. The ship jerked once and the engine popped, and her hull vibrated, resonating in Avienne’s skull.

“Come on, you useless piece of crap!” She kicked the tactical controls and half the panel lights blinked out.

“Blood and bones, I need to steal a better ship!” The engines sputtered and the ship stopped vibrating.

“Engines online, Captain!” Jaru screamed. Avienne whooped and switched the viewport on. The entire metal structure of the docks buckled as they pulled free without first de-clamping, ripping great chunks of metal. The Dessicate’s engines kicked in full blast, throwing Avienne back into her seat. The docks swayed for a moment when the engine’s jet of hot hair struck them, then buckled sideways, and seemed to be righting themselves before suddenly collapsing in a heap of smoke and metal, dragging a few of the smaller ships down.

Avienne hissed. That made a nice, round ten worlds on which she would no longer be welcome. She was running out of planets to do business on.

“Where to, Captain?” Larod asked from navigations.

“Mirial. I believe it’s time to pay my brother a visit.”