Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Story: The Buried Moon

Tyche Books, a new Canadian publisher, launched its inaugural anthology yesterday, Ride the Moon.  I'm happy to say that I have a story in it, The Buried Moon.

The inspiration for this story comes from an old English fairy tale I heard at a storytelling show.  It's a pretty awesome story with monsters, live burials and a desperate rescue - look for The Buried Moon or The Dead Moon and you'll find a bunch of versions of it.

My story takes place long after the original fairy tale, when descendants of the moon are still being hunted by the bog creatures.  One reviewer said: "Marie Bilodeau has a chilling and exciting tale Buried Moon, bringing out the darkness in rural communities."  There you go.  Right from someone else's mouth.

It's a lovely anthology with great cover art, and has stories in it by a bunch of fine writers, including Claude Lalumière and Edward Willett. Pick up your electronic or print copy.