Thursday, 20 September 2012

Can-Con Schedule

I'm super excited for Can-Con this weekend.  I love a con, and I love a local con (I get more shoe selection if I stay at home), and I love a growing local con.  This weekend is a bit nuts for me since, on top of Can-Con, we're celebrating the first birthday of my nephew Xander (his parents are giants and he is already, too. By two, he'll be taller than me, and I'll bring him to Can-Con as my enforcer.  Not yet sure what he'll enforce, but trust me, he'll enforce).

For all you lovely folk who plan on being at Can-Con, this is where you can find me!


6pm, Rooms 1 and 2
So this is your first time at a con
Marie Bilodeau, Farrell McGovern, Matthew Johnson, Agnes Cadieux

9pm, Rooms 1 and 2
Paper Airplane Contest!
Check out my last blog post for contest rules. I've changed half of them since - come and find out what they'll be!  

1pm, Room 1
How do you consume your short fiction?
Liz Westbrook, Agnes Cadieux, Marie Bilodeau
Hint: I've been told ketchup is not a proper answer.

2pm, Room 2
The East Block Irregulars Go To Chicago
Derek Künsken, Hayden Trenholm, Marie Bilodeau
This should be fun - Derek will give practical advice, Hayden will be his usual funny self and I'll tell of eating grasshoppers.  Good times for all!

4pm, Room 2
What should writers aim to get from marketing?
Leah Bobet, Matt Moore, Marie Bilodeau, Allan Isfan

6pm, Room 3
Villains: are they more interesting than heroes?
Alan Neal, Marie Bilodeau, Linda Poitevin, Shelley Tsivia Rabinovitch


1pm, Room 3
Flash Fiction
Matt Moore, Marie Bilodeau, Jennifer Michaud

3pm, Room 2
With Leah Bobet, author of Above and overall awesome individual.

Find me!  Let's hang out, chat, have coffee, check out the dealers' room.  

Life is good.