Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Itinerary (and show Ottawa some love!)

Tomorrow I'm off to visit Gabrielle Harbowy, editor supreme, in San Francisco. I've never been to that neck of the world-woods, so I can't wait!  We're going to see Alcatraz, which makes me happy. So very happy.  I'll also be handing in Destiny's War, following one round of extremely useful feedback from Gabrielle.

I'm back for July 1 and hope to catch Chris Hadfield speaking on the Hill for the noon hour show.  Considering I'm back in town at 1 a.m. that day, I'm assuming the rest of my day will consist of drooling.

July 4 marks the day we're off to the annual My Little Pony fair!  This year it's in Indianapolis. I've been in that city once already, when I was two years old. During that visit, I decided to run into the side of a mall, resulting in lotsa blood and stitches on my forehead.  Coincidentally, that was the first and last business trip my dad took us on. Roomy assures me she won't let me run into a mall, although I refuse to wear a helmet.  It just doesn't match my footwear.

I'll make sure to be back for July 9, since it's the second edition of ChiSeries Ottawa, starting at 8pm at Maxwell's (on Elgin Street - second floor).  Readers will be Hayden Trenholm, Eric Choi and Tanya Huff.  You should come out to this, for several good reasons. The ultimate reason of course being that it's going to be an awesome event. The other reason is the same reason that Ottawa folk should go to CAN-CON, the Ottawa Geek Market, Wonder Geeks Activate, etc. - to support the volunteers who make this happen.  Seriously.  For years I've been hearing people say that nothing fun is happening in Ottawa on the geek scene.  We are now thriving, my capital region friends, but the people who are making it happen need your support, your interest, your butt in a chair listening to those awesome readings.  Plus, the organizer of ChiSeries is my friend Matt Moore, who is not only an awesome writer (he's on the Aurora ballot for Delta Pi, a great short story), he's also really trying to do something positive for readers, writers and the Ottawa geek community.  So let's step up to the plate and show Matt and all of the other great volunteers in Ottawa that the events they put on are appreciated and valued. 

Because Ottawa is starting to be a pretty good geek town and I, for one, am loving it.

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