Friday, 21 June 2013

Of Saran Wrap, Zombies and Alternate Timelines

I've been going on about zombies a lot lately.  I read a lot of zombie books, especially when I'm tired and have too much on my plate.  It's an easy read. I mean, the "bad guys" (zombies) are the best part - they're not eating you because it's personal, they just really want meat, and the rules are easy and straightforward.  Sometimes, a little straightforward is good.  So, Roomy (check out her blog) and I were chatting on e-mail before I headed off to KeyCon in May.  This shows you how quickly we go from zero to zombie. 

Hi Roomy,

How's you?  I think my nose may have mostly stopped running finally.

Me (Note the clever colour scheme)

Hi Roomy!

I’m glad you’re less gross!  Do you feel better?  I want a healthy roomy.  I mean, they’re pretty awesome when they’re sick, but much better when healthy!  :D

Do we have saran wrap?  Cling wrap?  Something something wrap?  I need to prep my books to bring to Winnipeg in giant luggage (note to self: find scale).

I have no idea how much saran wrap we have.

I wish another me in another timeline would take on some of the sick this year.  I think I'm pulling more than my weight since January.  I'm just saying.

It’s true. That’s because the You in the other timeline is busy taking care of the Marie who’s always sick.  Plus there’s a zombie apocalypse, so they’re busy.  On the upside, other Marie will probably bite the dust by sneezing at the wrong time and other You will get away thanks to her legendary good health.

If you don’t mind stopping by the dollar store, I’d like to pick more up, just in case. Besides, no point in wasting our “good” saran wrap on book wrapping. :P  (Editor's note: I learned this way that wrapping books in crappy cling wrap isn't great. Go for the good stuff.)

I'm not particularly concerned about what's going on in the other timeline, the me in this timeline just wants to be healthy for a change.

All right, but your other you will be mad for going zombie.

… now that I think about it, maybe my other me is a zombie by now and we intersect that at some point, too.  Could explain my recent, um, lack of brains…


I enjoy how we can discuss saran wrap purchases and alternate zombie timelines in the same e-mail string. 

We're good like that.

Of singular skill. By that, I mean with only one skill, and that’s to make shit up. :P

Speaking of zombies, however, I finished season 1 of The Walking Dead and started season 2.  Short seasons.  Of interest, it turns out I’ve seen pretty much every episode.  I just didn’t think I’d watched it because I must always get bored and walk away.  I’ll show those Walking Dead how it’s done…

Indeed we are.

You walk girl, you walk good.  Or watch.  Whatever.  Just show the zombies who's boss.

See how quickly that went?  For those who aren't on Facebook, here's this week's most popular post, again chatting about zombies:

My bank just called to inform me that my VISA card was believed to be compromised.
Clerk: I just want to verify your latest purchases. Last night, four purchases on Comixology?

Me: Ya, that was me. I discovered Marvel Zombies. Stupid addictive comic series across multiple universes. Kept me up late.
Clerk: Okay. Kindle purchase yesterday?
Me: Oh ya, that was a zombie book, and I keep *saying* ...I won't buy this author's next book, yet I hit the purchase button before I think about it. No impulse controls, at times.
Clerk: Okay. Good. How about Monday evening parking in the Ottawa Market?
Me: Ah! Geek event. Fun times.
Clerk: Zombies present?
Me: Nope! Spotted several demons and Jem, who totally *was* truly outrageous, but no zombies, no. ... I'm giving you too many details here, aren't I?
Wishing you all a lovely, zombie-free weekend and solstice!