Monday, 30 September 2013

CAN-CON Schedule

One of my favourite cons is this weekend - CAN-CON!  It's in Ottawa, which is great.  I hope to see you there!

News and fun from WorldCon
Matthew Johnson (m), Cenk Gokce, Marie Bilodeau, Andrew Barton
What happens in Texas does not stay in Texas.  Come and hear what we learned and enjoyed from this year's WorldCon!

10-11 am
Sitting at Bundoran Press Table
I'll be in the dealers' room.  Hayden Trenholm, publisher of Bundoran Press, kindly offered a place for my books to be sold on his table in exchange for light slave work.  Last year, I sold books out of the trunk of my car. This year, I'm going classy.

1-2 pm
I'll be doing the first ever public reading of Destiny's War.  It shall be fun.  Karen Dudley will also read from her Aurora-nominated work, Food for the Gods.  She's a hoot - you should come check her out!

2-3 pm
Women as Authors and Women as Fans
Marie Bilodeau, Linda Poitevin (m), Cherry Valance, Robin Riopelle
There's been a lot of talk about women in the industry.  We're going to talk about it here, too, with a bunch of wonderful folk.

4-5 pm
Back at Bundoran Press table
This blog post is going to be great as a self-reminder, too...

6-7:30 pm
Giant Book Launch
Ghost King and Big Box Apocalypse #3 (Mirror Comics), Blood Relations (Renaissance Press), The Alternative News Service Guide to Love, Sex and Robots, Ira Nayman
I'm not launching a book at CAN-CON, but I've been asked to host this book launch.  I'm very much looking forward to this. These a great bunch of people and writers, so come check it out!

8-9 pm
Oh god! It's back! I tried not to have it, and even reported it to Transport Canada! Marie Bilodeau's Paper airplane trauma is back. Run away!
That's the most accurate panel description ever. Don't miss it! Don't worry about bringing supplies - we'll provide everything! (And keep an eye on this blog for upcoming rules!)

9:30-11 pm
Evelyn: A Time Travel Love Story
The Kymeras are back to share a wonderful story through story and poetry.  This show is open to people who aren't coming to the con, for $15.  Don't miss it - it's one of our best to date!

11-2 pm
Aurora Banquet and Awards
I'll be hanging out there.  It's my last item at the con before I escape into the day. 

Can't wait! Hope to see you there!

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