Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Celebrating Story

Apart from a few stories at conventions, I haven't really been telling this past year. Last June I had the chance of being part of an epic telling of the Odyssey at Ottawa's National Arts Centre, and then that was it.  I didn't pursue it, and it didn't pursue me for a bit. 

A couple of months ago, the pursuit resumed.  I now have three shows scheduled for October, and I couldn't be more excited.  I'd missed the thrill of the story chase, the stage, and the insanity of performance.  Here's where I'll be, in case you've missed storytelling as much as I have:

Evelyn: A Time Travel Love Story
October 5, 9:30-11 pm, Minto Hotel & Suites, as part of CAN-CON
Join the Kymeras as they weave poetry and story to tell the tale of John and Evelyn, lovers separated by distance but reunited by time. In his quest for science, John leaves his London home to seek out the greatest minds in the world, but it is losing his beloved that launches him on his greatest journey of all.  
The wonderful organizers of CAN-CON are putting together a package for non-con attendees to attend evening entertainment.  I believe it'll be $15, but CAN-CON will be posting about it soon.  Join their Facebook group to keep on top of the latest news!

An Enchanted Afternoon of Storytelling
This is my "ha! I'm funny!" face.
October 18, 4 - 5 pm, University of Ottawa Open House - Medieval and Italian Studies, Simard 125
Italian Studies and Medieval Studies joined forces to bring you a delightful afternoon of professional storytelling. Nationally acclaimed novelist and storyteller Marie Bilodeau, of the Kymeras Group, will give a public performance for students and parents visiting the University of Ottawa. She will weave myths and stories form the Middle ages and the Renaissance, adapting them to a modern sensibility.
This is probably only for people attending the open house.  I wonder how hard it would be to sneak into this?

Scary Stories - Why Not?
October 22, 7-9 pm, Tea Party (119 York St., ByWard Market)
I'll be telling scary stories in company of Kathie Kompass.  My stories will consist of one dark and one funny tale, both speaking to what happens when you fall in love (well, lust) with the wrong person (well, creature). 
This one is pass the hat.  Bring change/bills/heirlooms.

I hope to see you at some of these!  If you can only attend one, I would say try and make the first one.  The Kymeras haven't performed together since the Boudicca show (I leave all things at the National Arts Centre), and we're coming back with an integrated tour de force of storytelling.  Don't miss it! 

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