Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Destiny's War Available as an ebook!

The final book in the Destiny series, Destiny's War, is now available as an ebook!!  This is a special release from Dragon Moon Press.  The print book will be available in the new year. 

The whole series is also now available as an ebook bundle for just 9.99!  That's a steal for three books where multiple worlds get destroyed, lives are changed forever (or snuffed out) and nebulae swallow star systems. (Pretty awesome, I know!)

Several people have asked me (in an appreciative whiny tone) if this would be the final book in the series.  For now, yes.  I'm happy with where the story ends, but I'm not saying I'll never revisit this world. There are still so many stories to tell!

In the meantime, I appreciate signal boosts and of course book purchases and reviews for any of the books in the series.  I'll post links to other bookstores as they come available.  Enjoy the journey!

She had given her up.
To save her daughter from a life of servitude to a silent First Star, Layela Delamores sent her only child away. Willing to miss the first decade of her daughter's life, for a chance to reunite as a free family.

Ten years.
Now, a new First Star is ready to take over from the dying star Mirial, freeing Layela and her family from the clutches of duty and obligation.

But the star was silent.
When the new First Star fails to ignite, the failing Mirial is the only lifeline to the countless ether races across the galaxy. But not everyone wants to save Mirial, including Layela’s own daughter. Trapped between obligations and hopes, Layela must find a way to save as many people as she can, or learn to live in the dead world she helped to create.

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