Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Geek Cave - Peace in Holiday Times

I've mentioned multiple times that Roomy is a My Little Pony collector. I mention more rarely (cause it's more fun to show a bunch of ponies) that I'm a He-Man/She-Ra collector (Masters of the Universe, for those of you in the 80s know).  There are fewer of them, so the ponies win in numbers. They'll always win. But my warriors never rest, and they have a lot of weapons they're itching to use. So many weapons...

When we moved to our new house earlier this year, my figures, which were in my writing room, migrated to the Pony Room, which is now known as the Geek Cave.  Fun, eh?  As per tradition, Roomy started setting up the holiday pony diorama. (Incidentally, that diorama blog post is the most popular I've ever written.  Ever.  The Internet is a weird place, my friends.)

The 2013 diorama. Because Google Analytics tells me this blog will be more popular for having more dioramas in it.

This year, my figures happened to crash the party. Because, well, it's their room, too!

Royalty drinking. King Randor has a hard time standing, so he's a drunk. An unfortunate set-back in the otherwise peaceful land negotations.
The queen desperately tries to maintain land relations by helping to decorate. Hands are useful for such things, thus my figures are useful.
The royal twins, Prince Adam and Princess Adora (she came armed - she doesn't trust the peaceful ponies), care not for diplomacy. They dislike that Pony Christmas was on the same day as their birthday. They eat cake and wear hats and speak of better birthdays. At least the ponies know how to make good cake.
Ever left out, Mechaneck looks at the festivities from the outside, wishing that his neck wasn't in fact metal and frozen.
As my figures begin to suspect they were being used simply as handy tools with which to decorate, the tenuous peace begins to fray at the edges.
Well, at least they aren't particulary effective decorators. In better, more glorious days, the king would have noticed and the soldiers would have been able to take on a string of lights.  These, alas, are not better days.
But, really, nobody cares, because there are a lot of treats, and a sugar coma is a heck of a way to prevent war.
So, the Geek Cave is all lovey-dovey for the moment. For the moment.  But, when you pit so many pink things to conquer, like this:

Again so many well-armed, slightly psychotic warriors, like these:

Well, it might only be a matter of time before the casualties began to pile up.  Only a matter of time...

But not today. Not as the holiday spirit, booze and sugar keep the Geek Cave at peace.

Happy Holidays to all!

Roomy wrote her own take on the Holiday Diorama.  The ponies share a different view. Hu.  Check it out!