Friday, 12 December 2014

Ah, but for the days of S'mores long past...

This summer, I participated in a week long s'mores experiment led by Roomy (experiment also known as: cottaging).  We were a bunch of friends, subjected to new s'mores recipes every night, voting on them until our tummies wanted to explode from gooey goodness.

I haven't reported back since I signed a non-disclosure agreement on the recipes (aka: Roomy can beat me in my sleep), but just as the snow invasion begins, I merrily stumbled on some quotes I wrote down during our stay.  There are *not* super secret recipes (take note, lawyers and henchmen). But these did amuse me.  My friends are a funny bunch, especially when sugared up.

  • "Pass the s'mores over here before you die.  Also, my condolences."
  • "Are my pants on fire?" 
  • (after taking a picture): "Marie is the only one in focus. Who knew that could even be a thing?" 
  • "Okay, candid shot! ... Well, that's horrible."
  • "When they're older, we'll tell your children of your eyebrows."
Now, imagine you're sitting by the glow and warmth of the fire. Pop a marshmallow in there, wait for it to goo just right, and combine it with super secret ingredients... And the winter suddenly feels a tad more inviting.

Mmmm. Goo.