Sunday, 23 September 2007

About the Header

The header is based on my current writing project, a yet-to-be-named trilogy. The trilogy itself isn't named, but the three books are plotted out, the first fully written (though still in need of editing), and they each have a title to call their very own.

Ages ago, two lovers were spurned so deeply their fate of forever remaining apart still divides the lands that bear their names - Graydon and Elihor. For over a thousand years the Circle of Magic has reinforced and maintained the wall that separates the lands of light and darkness, but now
the Circle's powers are failing and demons from the land of Elihor are feeding on the scorned tribes of the West, and the children of Graydon must face judgment or annihilation.

Princess of Light

Cassara Edoline loves her small, forgotten kingdom, wasting her nights playing her flute to inspire her people and mourn her loss. Hers is the choice to marry the prince of her dreams or to become one of the most powerful sorceresses of her world. But the Fates have a different, more dangerous plan for the
Princess of Light. Should she fail, all of Graydon will fall with her.

Her carriage crossed the orchard, the blooms falling around her like a thousand tears, the petals trod upon by the horses the only sign of the passage of the last princess of Edoline.

Warrior of Darkness

Death stalks Avarielle Grayloft away from the West and across the forsaken lands of the East. To wash the blood from her hands and find the answer to her family's fate, the
Warrior of Darkness teams up with Cassara Edoline. But the price of knowledge and loyalty proves much, much higher than she had ever imagined possible.

She felt the familiar warm sensation of magic course through her arm and raised her head, knowing she would see nothing, knowing that the magic was only responding to the Eloms hiding in the darkness below her.

Sorceress of Shadows

Although stolen from her family by them when just a child, Shirina never questioned her allegiance to the Circle. Skilled in the ways of magic, she is assigned the difficult mission of capturing the magic and last descendant of the Graylofts: Avarielle. But when her mentor is sent to the fiery depths of Siabala's Rage and the Elders of the Circle seem to harbour a traitor, the Sorceress of Shadows must form an uneasy alliance with Cassara and Avarielle, knowing the time would come when she must choose between their lives and the Circle's survival.

It was the Circle's bidding and therefore her will.

... now, doesn't that just sound like a good read??

The header to my blog was created by my talented graphic artist friend, Karen Force (who will get roped into creating all future headers. Mwa ha.) The character pics were drawn by my other good friend, Kerri Elizabeth Melchior, at the very reasonable price of one My Little Pony per picture (that's a friend/roomie price - FYI). You can see more of Kerri's work at I have another friend who is a photographer and another who paints, and I will eventually work their stuff in as well. It's wonderful to have talented and generous friends.