Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Irish Cream Day

Today is Irish Cream day. Some of you call it Tuesday. My favourite Second Cup calls it Irish Cream day and, therefore, so do I. Monday is Caramelo day, Wednesday is French Vanilla day, Thursday (my favourite) is Hazelnut day, and Friday is Butter Pecan day. Weekends are still Saturday and Sunday as I’m not at the Second Cup first thing in the morning on the weekends, desperately trying to get some writing done before the day’s other priorities kidnap my remaining brainpower (usually fully depleted by 10).

I’m always very suspicious of Irish Cream day. Things change on Irish Cream day, and I’m not good at adapting first thing in the morning. Sometimes Irish Cream days pounce on my unsuspecting morning brain, confusing me for the remainder of the day.

Last St. Paddy's day was on a Friday. Now, some of you may immediately jump to the conclusion that perhaps the Second Cup people would in fact adapt to this situation, but I, on the other hand, did not.

It went something like this, when I got to Second Cup way too early that morning as per usual:

The guy grabs a cup and asks: "“large Irish Cream today, Miss”?" (I am predictable in that I want flavoured coffee. And lots of it.)

My reply: “"Irish Cream today?"” Irish Cream is a Tuesday drink, not a Friday drink. My reality tilts dangerously.

"“What’'s today, miss?"”

Respond shyly, not wanting to hurt my Second Cup person’'s feelings: "“Butter Pecan day?"”

“"What’'s today, miss?"” He rolls his eyes.

Panicked tone as I look down at my casual Friday wear: "Is it Tuesday?"”

Reply coupled with disbelief: "“What's today, miss?"”

I clued in then, thank you.

And yes, earlier that morning I had indeed remembered to add a splash of green to my daily wardrobe, in honour of my Irish great grandmother.

.... today, so far so good, but always beware of Irish Cream days.