Friday, 4 February 2011


This year, I have the honour of being Guest Author at G-Anime in Gatineau!  It's my first anime con, too, so it's doubly fun!

This is where I'll officially be:

Saturday, February 5

Comment créer un personnage convainquant

How to develop plot in fiction

Making realistic characters

Sunday, February 6

1 pm
Writer's Block and how to deal with it

I'm sharing all of my English panels with writer and illustrator Jay Odjick.  You might even say I'm stalking him.  Poor Jay. 

Aside from that, I'll be around the con taking in the sights and sounds.  I'm knee-deep in writing, too, so I'll probably be sitting in random spots from time to time with my trusty MacBook Air, Utnois.  Fire me off an e-mail if you're planning on being around, or hunt me down at the con!  Um, without weapons, to be clear.  I'm still recovering from the shock of armed Klingons coming after me at Con*Cept.  A girl can only take so much excitement, thank you very much.