Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Short Story Sale - Deserter

A few weeks before Christmas, I was chatting with Gabrielle Harbowy, Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher of Dragon Moon Press, and a published writer, to boot.  She mentioned that she had been invited to submit to Graveside Tales' The Beast Within 2, edited by the talented Jennifer Brozek.  It's an anthology of lycanthrope tales, which isn't usually my favourite type of character to explore.  But Gabrielle had such a neat concept and interesting premise that when she asked if I would be her co-author, I couldn't refuse.  It sounded too neat.  Beside, we had so much fun editing Destiny's Blood that I was looking forward to trying our hand at co-authoring.

Gabrielle agreed, and I quote (I love quoting people!): "We have a great editor-author rapport, and Marie has such a way with witty dialogue and creative ideas, that it was exciting to collaborate as co-authors. When I shared the seed of the idea, I could tell that she was really fond of the concept and running with it, and I knew the end result would be great." (I totally didn't pay her to say that.  Really...)

I ended up doing most of my part over the Christmas/New Year holidays while, of course, my friends from Windsor were down (the ones who were there for the last push of pretty much all of my writing projects.  Awesome twice-a-year timing!)  I loved discovering how another author works and finding our mutual footing in the story.  I knew Gabrielle as an editor, but now that I know how steady and focused she is as a writer, too, it makes me even more proud to see this story bearing both of our names.

I personally think Deserter is a fun story and I can't wait for you guys to read it! It's set to be published in the third quarter of 2011, so I'll keep you updated.

Thanks again to Gabrielle for inviting me to come play in her story world!