Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ponies and Lovecraft!

This July, Roomy and I are heading to Rhode Island to the My Little Pony Fair!  To be clear, I'm the ride and booth keeper.  She's the pony collector.  But I'm totally an enabler.  I remember when eBay was still young and innocent, and so were we all, encouraging her to buy her first lot of vintage ponies, for old time's sakes.  And now, as penance, there are hundreds of ponies in our home.  Ah well.  At least they're colourful and smell of plastic.

This will be the second time we head to Rhode Island.  In 2009 we also went there and we loved it.  Last year the Fair was in Kentucky (pie!), and we also trekked to Tennessee one year.  Mostly because I have a car and I adore a road trip.

Our return to Rhode Island is a welcomed one.  Aside from the fact that the Fair is at the Hasbro headquarters this year, which rendered all the collectors a-flutter with excitement, we're also planning on spending an extra day sightseeing.  (Usually we're in and out like [insert bad pun here], simply because of time.  But Rhode Island is only a day's travel away, leaving us seasoned pony travellers guffawing.)  

Our day of sightseeing will consist of a H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe tour!  Poe was only there a couple of years courting a lady, but the gazebo where said courting occurred still stands, and we intend to bask in the, um, horrific courting?  There's also an Edgar Allan Poe-tato, and we're very excited to see it.  (I'll let you google that, or wait for my pics!)

Lovecraft has loads of stuff in store.  Cemeteries, the Harris house from The Shunned House (fear!) and a slew of other tidbits are still standing, and so we will have a creepy daytime tour.  We're not that brave (or that good at night-time navigation).  And then we'll end the day with a visit to the very missed Cheesecake Factory.  

A little bit of sweet to go with that horror, please!  Okay, a lot of sweets.  It's the Cheesecake Factory!

Our hotel is enthusiastically booked, Maude (my car) is ready to go and our Fair tickets and booth are purchased.  Now it's just a matter of waiting!  I love the Pony fair.  It makes for good conversation and strange blog posts.