Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Schedule for Ad Astra!

This is where you can find me at Ad Astra this year (Toronto, April 8 - 10). It's their 30th anniversary, and in honour of it I'll be doing a show entitled To the Stars.  I'll be telling stories of astronomers, magical journeys and the end of the world.  It's at 11pm on Friday night, so I hope some of you will make it!  It'll be a lovely way to end the first day of the con, and we can go for a drink after!

Friday 5pm Salon 241   Ongoing settings, Recurring Characters  (Howard Tayler, Marie Bilodeau, James Alan Gardner, Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon)

Friday 9pm  Salon 443  From Great Idea to great story  (Eric Choi, James Alan Gardner, Marie Bilodeau, Timothy Carter)

Friday 11pm Antons To the Stars Storytelling  Marie Bilodeau

Saturday 3:30-5:30pm  Ballroom East and Centre  Autograph session

Saturday 6pm Salon 241  Day jobs for creative professionals     (Melissa Yuan-Innes, Karina Sumner-Smith, Leah Bobet, Eric Choi, Marie Bilodeau)

I'll also be attending book launch parties (I love a party!): 

Shadows of Death, by Karen Dales
Friday, starting at 8pm

Triptych, by J.M. Frey
Saturday, starting at 8pm

CZP Launch (bunch'o new books, including Claude Lalumière's The Door to Lost Pages)
Saturday, also starting at 8pm

Come out and encourage these wonderful authors!

Aside from that I'll be hanging out in the dealers room at the Dragon Moon Press table, and running around to a bunch of cool stuff.  This is only a minute portion of cool things.  The con-com could in fact be accused of hosting too many cool things, making for difficult, heart wrenching choices.  Truly.

Hope to see you there!