Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Anime North Panels!

After an awesome weekend of writing mercilessly (45k words in two days - a new personal best), I'm very much looking forward to next weekend's activity - Anime North!

Anime North will be doubly special for a con since Roomy will be making her first con guest appearance as a My Little Pony collector and customizer!  An award-winning one too, to boot. She just finished a cute booklet she'll be handing out at the customizing panel, and you'll want to come just to get a copy, trust me (I'll put a link to it on my blog after Anime North so that you may all partake of the beheaded pony cuteness).

My own panels will be shared with a great group of writers:  Eric Choi and Derwin Mak, co-editors of the Aurora nominated anthology The Dragon and the Stars (and both wonderful writers), and Timothy Carter, author of some wickedly fun young adult fantasy novels.

My schedule of where I'll be, all at the DoubleTree (I'll be at Roomy's panels as well, to cheer on):

8pm: Making Believable Characters
9pm: My Little Pony Collectibles (Roomy!)

1pm - Blowing up Writer's Block
2pm - Creating Tension in Stories
5pm - Ask our Experts
6pm - Reality of Being Published
9pm - Customizing MLP (Roomy!)

Hope to see you there!