Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Lost a Week

Well, a blog week.  I certainly didn't lose the week per say. I was busy running around and had no good Internet connection.  Note to self: next time, prepare posts in advance.  Ah well, live and forget what you learned.  

I'm not going to try to go over everything, even though some awesome stuff happened. Instead, I give you a week in pictures!

On our way to AnimeNorth, my car (Maude) started shaking funkily on the highway.  Roomy and I looked at each other and decided to pull off (we're SMRT!)  Turned out a piece of my front breaks had slipped onto my rotor.  Neat, eh?  So we visited Trenton for a while and enjoyed some subtle geekness on the Park Motel's sign (to the left of the picture).  We also got candy at Bulk Barn and wandered around garden centres and a dollar store.  There's not much to do, in that corner of Trenton.
We made it to AnimeNorth!  I was late for my first panel, but ran in for half of it regardless. I'm all about panel crashing. (This isn't a picture of my panel. It's a chocobo.  If you don't know what a chocobo is, your gaming life suffered greatly, and you have my sympathies.)

This is one of my panels.  We're all a little fuzzy here, but we're writers, so we can pull it off.  From left to right - Eric Choi, Timothy Carter, me, Derwin Mak.  They're a great bunch.  Check out their writings - you won't be disappointed.

Roomy rocking a panel on customizing.  It was Roomy's first con appearance, and it went over very well. Both her events were full, and she's been invited to several other cons.  Go Roomy!  (Note her authoritative wielding of a pony. That pony is headless in just a few more shots.  I won't show them to you, for my blog will not be the stuff nightmares are made of.  You're welcome.)
AnimeNorth is not for the weak of heart.  Don't blink!  (If you don't recognize this stone angel, it's from Doctor Who.  You blink, you're dead.  So there you go.  Don't blink.)

I blinked!

Got home from AnimeNorth on Sunday night, barely had the time to enjoy piles of cats with dangly extra-toed feet, and I was off to Quebec City for a full week of work extravaganza!  Woo!

I used to be able to keep my creative and professional lives separate.  But now, I work with very enthused and fun folk, and many have found out about the writing and storytelling.  So I've stopped trying to separate the two.  I'll come out and tell you what I do in my day job: I work for people who make castles, like this one, in TWO days.  Truly, I do.
Back in town on Friday, off to a show with the Kymeras on Saturday.  We were the opening act for Evalyn Parry's and Brad Hart's Spin show.  It was awesome.  If you can - go see it.  Well worth it. (We have one pant leg rolled up in honour of cyclists who, um, roll up their pant legs.  We're cool.  We know.)  That's Sean and I in the green room, getting prepped for the show.  

The Almonte show was well attended.  More than 170 people showed up .  Those seats?  All filled.  And all the other ones, too.  

Sound testing, getting familiar with the stage.  Kathryn Hunt was totally there too - she happened to take all the pictures. Ruthanne Edward, our fourth Kymera, was rocking a storytelling festival and couldn't be there.  The show was fun.  We went on and we were on.  The audience was wonderful and we were lucky to perform for them.
And the week ended on a very high note (higher still!), with the unveiling of the cover of When the Hero Comes Homes.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's going to be up on Amazon and all that good stuff soon. I'll post links when I have them!

Okay, now I'm back to regular updates.  Next one on Friday!  On something exciting, I'm sure!