Monday, 27 June 2011

Reviews, Awards, Shows... Oh My!

Last week was awesome.  By last week, I mean Monday to Sunday.  It was a good stretch!  First of all, two reviews were spotted for When the Hero Comes Home, and both gave a nod to my story.  And both loved the title of my story.  Andrew Jack said: "There’s also a story in there called The Legend Of Gluck by Marie Bilodeau. If a title that awesome doesn’t interest you then you’re dead to me."

Who knew that title would be so loved?  And it's my first review that promises bodily harm.  Brought a tear of joy to my eyes, it did.

Next piece of awesome news came on Saturday, when I learned that I'd won the bronze medal in the science-fiction category of the Foreword Book Awards!  I can now call myself an award-winning author, which I think is fun!  Dragon Moon Press kicked ass, bringing  home four medals!

Gold Medal in Fantasy: Chris A. Jackson for Scimitar Sun
Silver Medal in Fantasy: P.G. Holyfield for Murder at Avadon Hill
Gold Medal in Horror: Toothless by J.P. Moore
Bronze in SF: Destiny's Blood by Marie Bilodeau

Congrats to Dragon Moon Press publisher Gwen Gades and Editor-in-Chief Gabrielle Harbowy (who personally handled all of these books) for championing us all!

Then the Kymeras summer solstice show, Earthborn, took place last night.  And it was awesome.  Thanks to fellow Kymeras Sean Zio, Kathryn Hunt and Ruthanne Edward for being a constant source of inspiration, and to our wonderful audience for being so wonderful.   Cause they're a wonderful audience.  See how that works?

... Mind you, I didn't kill anybody at last night's show, which worries me a bit.  I may be getting soft. Um, didn't kill anybody in my stories, is what I'm saying.  Yes...  Will remedy that next show, so that Kathryn Hunt will stop accusing me of being a good clone. 

All in all, a great week.  I have high hopes for this week as well, so the pressure's on!