Friday, 3 January 2014

Resolutions vs. Goals

Happy New Year!

I had a great time this holiday season, save for getting the flu for Christmas. It was from my mom or brother, so I know they gave it to me out of love. Surely.

After watching a bunch of B-movies and all of Justice League Unlimited, I seem to now be able to sit at the computer for more than 2.5 minutes, so of course I'll write a blog post!

Since 2014 snuck up on my fevered self, I'm just now thinking about my goals.  It's a bit of a semantics play to call them goals instead of resolutions, but it works better for me.  A goal has measurable outcomes and a plan. Resolutions just seem a bit too airy-fairy for my liking. I'm at my best when I'm accountable.

I also don't set goals on New Year's, usually. I set them as I need them. But, since I'm in need of setting new goals now anyway, the timing seemed good.  Here's how I intend to go about it:
  • Get a "goals" buddy who'll help keep me accountable, and I'll return the favour.  (Check on that one.)
  • Each Monday morning, send weekly goals to buddy.
  • Each Sunday evening, report back on how we did on our goals. We set this on Sunday evening so that we had the weekend to catch up. That's all about coordinating goals with life. ;)
That's it! Overall, most of my goals are writing-related.  Last year was great but not my most productive. This year is the time to pull up my socks and get more words down.  More, better words.

I'm hoping for at least 5,000 words per week, but that goal will change weekly to adapt to my life situation.

What about you guys?  Any goals for 2014?

Here's to a successful year!  

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