Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Extroversion Explosion

If you've ever met me in person and even if you aren't an extremely astute person, you may have noticed that I definitely possess a strong penchant for extroversion. I'm not necessarily about all crowds all the time (though it is easier to get away with tripping people this way), but human interaction works out for me.

Funny thing is: working from home as a writer means that YOU STAY ALONE WITH YOURSELF ALLLLL DDAAAAYYYY LOOONNG!  (I know - weird, eh?)

Almost eight months ago, I'd practically pounce my very introverted Roomy when she got home. We have a French door separating our foyer from our house. I'd stand on the other side waiting for her to cross.  I probably looked psychotic.  I can assure you she looked frightened and a little bit sad.

I learned to curb the crazy extrovert and wait for her to come to me. Like a gazelle. I'd hold out my twitching hand with some chocolate (keeping fingers flat so as not to get bit), and see if she'd come to me. Sometimes, she's bounce upstairs in a flurry. Other times, she'd come over. 


I invited friends over, but then I became less productive. I met my writing buddy Linda Poitevin once a week for coffee, and almost burst with extroversion every time (sorry, Linda). I wanted to get out of my head so bad at times that I'd go chat up random people in the mall. I'd call up my bank just to say hi. The people at my Internet provider don't even pick up anymore.  I'm like a mad flurry of activity on social media.

And this, people, is me playing it cool.

Part of learning to be a full time writer, aside from mastering routines and time management, is learning to know more about myself. I always *knew* I was an extrovert, but since I had daily contact with people, it never struck me how much I needed that regular human interaction.

Thing is, it's actually impacting my writing. I get an energy from people that I can't duplicate on my own, and that energy goes into the writing. So, basically, I'm learning that I'm better for regular interaction.


No one told me that in writing school. Wait, I didn't go to writing school. What do I know.  Still, not wanting to ignore clear signs of growing insanity, I'm going to be helping out on a part-time basis at a local arts organization. I'll get to chat with people and have regular interactions again.

Best part of working in any organization is that people are paid to stand each other.  Brilliant, no?  

I'm very excited by this opportunity. I'm still part of a vibrant community while getting out a few days a week. I've already reworked my routine so word count will stay up.  I'm actually thinking it might increase, but that remains to be seen. 

It's interesting to discover a whole new level of insanity that I didn't even know existed, and to learn about where my inspiration comes from. I feel like I'm figuring out where the sizzling energy of writing comes from, at least for me.

Then I can bottle it and drink it at will!  HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!  (Soylent Green Beverage. Be the most human you can be.  Bwa ha ha ha ha!)

... I know, I know, I need to get out more.  I know! Believe me.  I really know.

And I am.

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