Thursday, 19 March 2015

Nigh 1 is available in PRINT! MY FIRST HARDCOVER! *swoon*

In the tradition of fairy tale books, Nigh 1 is now available as a beautiful hard cover edition, with special hand drawn art inside (by Kerri Elizabeth Gerow, the artist who did the cover art).  You can order your copy online or get one from your bookstore (go nuts and encourage them to get them in if they don't stock it!)

If you do buy one, send me a note about it and I'll gladly mail you a signed bookplate.  Or, find me at a convention!  

I'll be at Ad Astra next, and I'll definitely have copies with me.  Check out where in the country I'll be in April.  I got exhausted just updating April, so I'll update the rest later. 

Here are some links where you can order the hardcover edition:

And look at some of the pretty art!

The end is NIGH!

If you haven't read the book, this looks romantic.

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