Friday, 20 March 2015

No rest for the Weary or the Wicked....

Nigh is reaching its halfway point with Nigh 3, which will be released next Thursday!

Have you had a chance to catch up on the faerie-pocalypse, yet?  Alva and her friends had a rough time so far (faeries are MEAN!), and survival is not guaranteed.

Book 3 is a departure (which I won't spoil), where safety could prove the most disastrous blessing.

Here's the cover, with a sample below!  THERE WILL BE TREATS FOR MY E-NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS NEXT WEEK!  Consider yourself warned. Sign up now.


Water trickled through the crack in the windshield, reflecting twilight. Despite the sun, it glittered with darkness. Alva Viola Taverner looked at it with a strange disconnect, counting the drops as they fell on the dashboard and slid, still glittering, out of the bright sunlight.

Her head chimed with music from distant flutes. And bells.

She watched the water drip down the dashboard, down. She was leaning back on her seat. Her head hurt, but the sounds seemed to keep the pain at bay. She couldn’t move her arms, her body shrouded in the fatigue of an interrupted deep sleep.

The water dripped off the dashboard. Like a diamond tear it fell, then landed on her jeans. It stayed perfectly round against the blue denim, then smoke started to form, wisps of dark glitter.

Pain struck like a sledgehammer, shattering the pleasant numbness and silencing the music in her head. She shot up, screamed and threw open Percival’s door in an attempt to escape more dripping water. Another drop narrowly missed her leg, sizzling on Percival’s floor mat.

Her leg, head, heck, her entire body hurt. Her breath exploded out in short bursts and the sun burned her eyes. She knelt and lowered her head, afraid she would throw up. She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing, slowing it down, trying to still her mind and body.

Each gasp came coated with a different scent. Lilies of the valley. Lavender. Cotton candy. Cookies. Alva re-opened her eyes but kept her head lowered, cold realization numbing her hands.

She wasn’t in her world, anymore.