Thursday, 30 July 2015

Riverfest at Pinhey's Point!

Join some fun and sun on Sunday, August 9, and come out and hear some stories!  I'll tell some pioneering, seafaring and generally Canadian-ing stories, all with flair and fun and twists, of course! I had the chance to tell ghost stories at Pinhey's Point last year with Ruthanne Edward and Kathryn Hunt, and the site itself is just so beautiful.  Make sure to check it out, for Riverfest or just to wander!

I'll be telling on the hour, every hour, from 10 until 3 (3pm being the final set of the day).  Each set will be about 20 minutes, so plan accordingly. And yes, my stories will be completely appropriate for families. Woo!

Find out more about Riverfest and Pinhey's Point Historic Site

I told a story of rats taking over a lighthouse in the ruins of the old summer kitchen, by a bonfire, while sipping hot apple cider. Until we were rained out, which really worked for this story and so I pretended it was totally planned. BWA HA HA ! Picture courtesy of Pinheys' Point.