Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Ad Astra Schedule!

Here's where you can find me at Ad Astra!

Fairytale Inspiration 
Fri 8:00PM
Salon 241

Panelists: Leah Bobet, Ken Lillie-Paetz, Miriam Harrison, Marie Bilodeau
Description: Why retell stories that many people already know, and likely grew up with? How do you use elements of fairytales effectively? What can they bring to your story?

The East Block Irregulars
Sat 3:00PM
Crowne Room

Panelists: Hayden Trenholm, Derek Kunsken, Matt Moore, Elizabeth Westbrook-Trenholm, Marie Bilodeau, Peter Atwood
Description: Ottawa’s newest speculative fiction writers’ group does more than just provide critiques. We share market information and help each other promote (and sell) our work. We write and even blog together. Come meet the members of EBI and find out how a small writers’ group works, and how we went from being unpublished to published authors.

Stories That Inspire the Genre
Sat 6:00PM

Panelists: Marie Bilodeau
Description: Storytelling show on stories that inspire fantasy genre!  Warriors, elves, dwarves, zombies... there will be a bit of everything for everyone!  Um, not a kids event. Kids can come, but it's more adult focused.  There'll be lots of death, you see.

Cold Magics Book Launch
Sat 10:00PM
Con Suite

Description: Okay, this is a friend's launch, but it'll be worth checking out! Erik Buchanan is a Dragon Moon Press author who will be celebrating the release of the sequel to his last novel, Small Magics. I'm gathering  chocolate for the occasion, and trust me, it'll be good variety!

Sun 2:00PM

Reading: Hayden Trenholm,  Marie Bilodeau
Description:  Hayden is a great author, nominated three times for Aurora Awards, bringing one of those  sharp babies home.  He's also part of my writing group and a great guy all around, and I'm honoured to share reading time with him!  I'll be reading from my upcoming Dragon Moon Press release, Destiny's Blood.

That's it for now!  Otherwise I'll be hanging around at the Dragon Moon Press and Edge Sci-Fi/Fantasy tables, generally running around and enjoying the fun times at Ad Astra.  Hope to see you there!