Monday, 15 March 2010

A Pint to Prophecy

After months of technical issues with, I've decided to merge my podcast blog with my regular blog. It'll become a one-stop shop!

I'm excited to re-post the first podcast for Stories Retold. I started off with one of my favourite stories to tell, "A Pint to Prophecy," which is a modern retelling of Ragnarök, the Norse end-of-the-world myth.

Ragnarök is always told as a vision coming to Odin, since it obviously hadn't happened in the time of the myth, so I kept the same flavour in this telling. My main sources were two of the oldest texts recording Norse mythology: The Poetic Edda and The Prose Edda.

This story is also going to be included in a podcast anthology slotted to come out from Dragon Moon Press in April.  More news to come soon!

I had fun recording this and I hope you'll enjoy it!  A word of warning: I am a fairly well assimilated French Canadian, but my H's wander here and there. I try to keep them in check, but I fear they're wild and free.

Listen to A Pint to Prophecy.