Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Fireborn 2010 Follow-up!

At Fireborn I told two stories that I call "dad stories."  One was based on a family legend and the watch featured on the poster, and the other on a St-Exupéry story that my dad recited to me a few times (not to say he repeats himself - je t'aime papa!).  It's a story of courage and survival, in which Guillaumet, one of St-Ex's friends, crashes in the Andes and survives through the sheer will power of putting one foot in front of the other, one foot in front of the other.  If you'd like to read the story, which I full encourage you to do, you can do so in Terre des hommes, or the English translation: Wind, Sand and Stars.  

My father sent me this picture today of St-Ex with Guillaumet, following their reunion (centre/right of picture - pilot is Guillaumet and the guy with his arm around him is St-Ex).  After seven gruelling days crossing the Andes on foot following a winter storm that spread 5 metres of snow within 48 hours on the treacherous mountains, a feat that spelled death for everyone else before him, Guillaumet doesn't look too bad now, does he?

Two weeks after the ordeal, Guillaumet and St-Ex flew both ways across the Atlantic, just for fun.  I love stories like these, of humanity, spirit and slight insanity.

Fireborn 2010 was one of my favourite Kymeras shows so far. The Ottawa Steampunk folk showed up in full regalia, which just made the evening so great!  My fellow performers - Ruthanne Edward, Kathryn Hunt and Sean Zio - amazed me once again. It's great working with a bunch of people who keep inspiring you to do better and better each time.

Up next is Earthborn, somewhere around the summer solstice.  Stay tuned for details!