Friday, 28 January 2011

Coffee Musings and Identity Revealed

I wonder why my Second Cup cup has the words "Take care of you," with the "you" underlined, written on it. Is it trying to tell me that perhaps starting my day with a large coffee is not smart, therefore rendering itself obsolete? Nah. Is it trying to say it's poisoned and shouldn't be ingested? Well, so far so good. Does it believe I take my daily wisdom from a cheap, throw away piece of cardboard, as though nothing else in my life might prove more meaningful than a morning coffee? ... maybe.
Seriously?  More useful messaging would be "Sit your arse down and write, missy."  But maybe that has less wide appeal.  Go fig.
So I hesitated to reveal who my espresso machine benefactor was until I spoke to them.  It's good to confirm these things.  It was my Windsor BFF, Kat. I've rambled about her before.   When she was down over the holidays, I went on about my plans for the future, and apparently my eyes lit up when I expressed my desire to own an espresso machine (I plan good).  See?  I told only my closest friends of this dream.
For some reason that really stuck with her.  My shiny hopeful eyes haunted her (scary, I'm sure).  She surely suffered night terrors.  And then she received an e-mail from Best Buy telling her it was on sale.  I can see her shrugging as she described her reaction to me over the phone: "I saw it, and I thought what the heck, it's meant to be." 

I love my friends. 

Now, if I were you, I'd be wondering why the heck I was buying a coffee at Second Cup when I have a super duper fancy machine at home.  Good question.  I do my morning writing at Second Cup before work, and they frown at you bringing in your own coffee, apparently. Plus I bus it in to work, and the winters around here would ensure I'd arrive with coffee ice cubes, which seriously lacks appeal.

But on weekends, and for evening writing sprees, what marvelous coffee I'll enjoy!

Tonight, I'll be the Sacrificial Teller at Ottawa's new storytelling slam, Once Upon a Slam.  Between reading some H.P. Lovecraft and the new espresso machine, I haven't been sleeping all that much.  It may be reflected in tonight's slightly psychotic tale.  The guest teller, Brendan McLeod, is rumoured to be awesome, so if you don't have any evening plans, I hope you'll consider joining us!

Until then, hava cuppa java!  (Unless you're allergic, are prone to psychotic meltdowns or suffer from insomnia.  Then I suggest you have decaf, or some nice warm milk.  Let's keep an open mind, here.)