Saturday, 1 January 2011

Wondrous Holidays - Something Other Than Ponies

It struck me that you may think my Roomy is only about ponies.  Not that I'm overly concerned about three-dimensionality on my blog, but I wanted to ensure, at the cusp of this fresh new shiny year, that you knew she was more than just a collector.

Oh no, she's so very much more.  She's also a baker.

You heard me.  A baker.  She makes fresh breads, cakes, treats and cookies that my tabby loves to steal.  That gives her two dimensions, anyway, and I think that's plenty.

She received a super duper cool camera for Christmas from her mom, and it takes super duper cool pics. 
Fluffy tabby pic on new camera.  Makes him looks fluffier.  Possibly because he's just stolen cookies.

But wait, there's still some wonder beyond the ponies!  It was one of our BFF's birthdays two days ago, and Roomy made cupcake snowmen in celebration!  And so, to begin 2011, I delight you with a tale of sugar.
OMG!  I'm tipping!!!
Fear the Cupcake Army.
Cupcake Snowman wishing he was far, far away, amongst the stars.  I ate him.
Evil cupcake snowman.
Evil cupcake snowman comes equipped with tail!
Angry snowman lost his nose.  His is a difficult, anger-filled life.
Shocked snowman with blue nose.  Other snowman looks away innocently.  I believe he had something to do with the strangely-coloured sniffer.
Five snowmen.  Why?  Maybe because Roomy's uncle is part of Five Man Electrical Band.  Or maybe because all of our BFFs together makes for five of us. Or maybe she enjoyed the symmetry.  We'll never know.  Unless we ask.  But we won't.  We enjoy the mystery.
Really happy content cupcake snowgirl.  Possibly because she's the only girl in an army of handsome snowmen.  Best not to think of it.
 And Roomy's coup de grâce:
Snowman cupcake Matt Smith Doctor Who with a fez.
But all good things must come to an end, just like 2010 did.
The horror!
I loved 2010.  I met loads of great people and the good times outweighed the bad times.  I had fun and adventures galore, and I'm sure 2011 will build on that fun.  It's going to be a year of change - I've already sealed that act, but it's going to be good change.  I hope that when you all look back at 2010 you can remember the good alongside the bad, and that you can still muster the hope that 2011 will be a kick-ass year, not because some stars aligned or ancient prophecies are fulfilled, but rather because you do what you need to do to make it happen.

Like eating cupcakes and cookies.

Mmmmm fez...