Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mystery Package

Friday evening, tired from a long but fun day, I stumbled home, threw a book on the stove (seems I always have one of those with me.  Books, not stoves), and continued stumbling all the way up the stairs to my bed.  Very exciting.

On Saturday evening things were shifted around in the kitchen, including said book, and Roomy remembered that I had received a package notice in the mail.  I didn't remember ordering anything, but maybe I had pre-ordered a book?  Perhaps?

Curiosity grabbed hold of me and I braved the -40 degrees temperatures on Sunday to get my package.  I was sure it was going to be a book.  It always is, really.  I like books.  Lots. 

I handed the slip to the lady at the postal counter of the pharmacy, and her eyes grew wide. "It's a big 'un," she said. "It's on the floor!  What is it?"

I had no clue.  I offered to help, but the package was surprisingly light (for being the size of a (very very) small house). 

"Seriously, what is it?"  She asked again, curious.  I confessed to having no clue.  I had a thousand theories in my mind.  None of them were good.  Had I ordered something while drunk?  It had been a while, so it'd have to be the slowest shipping in the world.  Had someone sent me a gag gift, and a big bébitte would come jumping at my face?  I hoped not.  Lovecraft has already destroyed my poor nerves enough.

And no return address, of course.  Instead of risking embarrassment and confusion, I ran back to my car and tore the box open, to find... something miraculous.  It was something I had wanted for a long time, but rarely spoke of.  A desire so deep I kept it huddled near my heart, to let it warm me during cold and dark times.  So secret, in fact, that only my closest friends were aware of the details, and of my plans for this once I had acquired one. Which I pondered every so often, but alas, still waited for the right time.

And it seemed that now the time had come.  But it was not of my doing.  And I had no idea whose doing it was.  Who was my benefactor?  Who would do such a wondrous thing for me?  And to do so anonymously... wow.

I ran back in and informed everyone in the pharmacy what I had received.  They were as amazed and as baffled as I.  Most of them probably now think I'm an online shopper suffering from shopping black-outs, but it's okay.  I don't mind.  Let them think what they will. For I now have a most coveted of items.

And what, you're probably asking, is this item?  It is marvelous.  It is stupendous. And it is freaking awesome.

It is.... an espresso machine!  THIS espresso machine, to be exact:
I'm so cute you know you love me.
It was everything I wanted.  It even had the "Pppsshhhttt" thing I so coveted (known otherwise as a steam wand).  I was thrilled.  I was ecstatic.  I was deeply suspicious.

Who would randomly send such a joyous machine to me without alerting me of its incoming-ness?  Who doles out Heaven without a whisper of claim? 

Seriously, who?  I called my brother.  It wasn't likely, but I couldn't think of anyone else. 

He answered the phone.  I ambushed him:  "Did you send me an espresso machine?"

No pause, used to random ambushes: "No, I'm sorry to say that I'm not that nice." 

And I disagree - he IS that nice.  And I did get an hyphen in his daughter's name, so really, that's all the honour I'll ever need (have I mentioned lately how CUTE my niece and nephew are?  Well there you go.  They are.)  But he and his wife were busy juggling their newborn and toddler (very dangerous, I keep saying), and I thought it unlikely that they would worry about my caffeine consumption at this particular juncture in their lives. 

I hung up, perplexed.  I pondered and pondered the question: Who???  I thought and thought about it, not daring to approach anyone else, while Roomy randomly claimed she had purchased it and therefore I should clean the entire house for weeks in gratitude, and I ignored her, knowing there was NO WAY she would try to caffeinate me so much since she was stuck living with me, and yet... no answers. Notta. No clue who had done this, who had so clearly known my heart's deepest desire (my heart is not that deep, apparently).

Then I assembled the machine, cleaned it, tested it, drank cappuccinos (some not so great), bought some new coffee beans, grounded lots of 'em, watched YouTube videos on how to make a perfect latte, all the while pondering and pondering some more.

And then...  came the message.  From one of my BFFs.  It simply said: "Something to help you write."

I wrote back with wit and charm:  "Wha?"

Her answer: "You'll see."

And I was stunned.  That a friend, for no reason and out of the blue, had given me such a grand gift... stunned.  I shed a tear, remembering how great my friends all were, and how they've all managed to surprise me of late with their love, their generosity, their ability to support and cheer on and live life with zest.  Oh ya, I was touched.

I've gone on about how great 2011 has been, so far.  It's really been wonderful.  I have been so touched and surprised by everyone and everything around me that it's hard to put into words (and I'm a writer/storyteller!  I have lots of words, in TWO languages!). 

But I do understand this: it's a great year, but so was 2010, and so was the year before, and the one before that, simply because of the fact that the people I love so very much have been a part of my life for years, and every year gets better, espresso machine or not. (It has a Pppsshhhttt!!!  Ahem.)

Sniff.  Wasn't that just grand?  I'll drink a cappuccino/espresso/latte to that!