Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Plans for 2011

Last year was fun.  Sorceress of Shadows was published in March, concluding the Heirs of a Broken Land series.  I've missed those characters ever since.  Then Destiny's Blood was published in August and has been making the rounds since.  I told at loads of new venues and learned new stories, and met so many wonderful people I can barely keep track.

I hit Ad-Astra, Can-Con and Con*Cept, and loved all of these cons for different reasons.  They're definitely all on my "to attend" list for this year!  And I also attended Words in the Wilderness, Sudbury's first literary festival, and it's an event that shouldn't be overlooked in 2011!

Looking back is cool, but looking ahead is much more fun.  This year has loads in store already.  Dragon Moon Press has requested two more books in the Destiny's Blood world, which I'm happy to provide.  Destiny's War is due out in August 2011.  I'm only taking out one novel this year, to be realistic (for something different), but I've already sold one short story to a wicked anthology (details forthcoming), and I hope to sell a few more as well.

And the Heirs of a Broken Land series is coming out in second edition from Edge Science-Fiction and Fantasy next year, so there will be a whole new set of edits to go through.  I'm looking forward to it!

The storytelling is promising, with a kick-off at the National Arts Centre's Fourth Stage on January 20. We'll see how many more gigs I pick up!

I'll be attending many a-con, beginning with GAnime in February.  It'll be my first anime con, so that should be fun!  I wrote my favouritest bio ever for it, in fact.

I'm definitely keeping Ad-Astra, Can-Con and Con*Cept on my list.  I'm looking at hitting one western con this year (at least), depending on time and money, and I may be dropping by at a few other cons here and there.   I love cons.  I don't feel that I attended nearly enough in 2010.  I hope to remedy that in 2011.If you have any con suggestions, please throw them (gently) my way!

And the most exciting promise of 2011 is the imminent birth of my first niece, Something Something Bilodeau (I assume they'll actually name her something better than something something).  I already have a very cute little nephew, and I can't wait to meet my niece, too!  Friends and family make the world go round.

I hope you all have many wonderful things to look forward to in 2011, and I hope to see you around the circuit!