Wednesday, 13 April 2011

One Heck of a Good Time!

Before every wonderful detail of Ad Astra gets crushed in the daily grind, I wanted to thank everyone who made it so special.  I'm not going to make a list, just to be clear, for fear of forgetting somebody, but to the authors, panelists, DMPers, ConCom members, fans, vendors, security, party throwers, drink handlers, travellers and bread breakers - you're all awesome.  Seriously.

Ad Astra always goes by so quickly.  The Friday night was fun, with two panels and a late-night storytelling show.  Kudos to everyone who showed up!  I ran around quite a bit saturday - stalking people, being stalked by people, and ending up in the Green Room until the wee hours of the morning, ordering whatever the person next to me was ordering (gin something something, right, Ryan?)  It's how I discover new drinks and foods (sometimes to my detriment).

And Sunday was wound down day, with lots of chatting, shopping and laughing. And hugs and tearful good byes.

Good times. I was glad to see the 30th was well attended, too.  Not one of my panels wasn't full with people standing in the back, so kudos to the organizers!

I'm sure I have lots more to report, but that daily grind squicked me too early! (Squicked = technical term meaning not quite crushed, but squished enough to go squick.  Something to do with spinal fluids, methinks.)  I got home to a sick cat and spent Monday dealing with that while trying to get organized for leaving on Tuesday to Halifax.  I'm going back home late Thursday, and on Saturday I'm off to Montreal!  I have a Sunday night public show at Hurley's Pub and two shows at a school on Monday.  Much to look forward to, so forward momentum is dragging me onwards, ever onwards!

Thanks again to everyone for making Ad Astra such a great energizing con! Looking forward to next year already.