Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Show in Montreal

I had an awesome time in Montreal last weekend telling stories with JD Hobbes, accompanied by amazing musician Shayne Grin, at Hurley's Pub.  The evening started off a bit dicey.  The reservation for our room was lost, so we no longer had a private performance space.  Instead we were offered a room not fully closed off from the pub.  Hobbes ordered a cider and *gasp* they were out.  And I got a splinter from my chair, which ruined my nylons.  Yet we went on.

Those few issues were quickly forgotten as Hobbes launched into a tale of Truth and Story to a packed room filled with great listeners.  The evening went by quickly and I had an amazing time.  I told stories, caught up with old friends and made new ones, ate much cake and drank wine.  A perfect evening, really!

The next day I gave two shows at a Montreal college.  The students were very receptive, and a few were interested in learning about writing and being published.  I told many different tales, including some of my old favourites.  I convinced a few students that some of my creepy stories were true, but warned them you should never trust a storyteller.  Still, I got terrified glances as they left, so I'd say I made an impression.

I have some pics coming from a wonderful photographer friend from the Sunday show, which I'll soon post.  Plus some video, if it turned out all right.  And audio feeds!  We went mad with recording technology.  Mad!!!

Again, thanks to everyone who came out and made this such an unforgettable experience.  You're all so amazing that I'll tell happy stories about you for years to come!  Truly.  You'll never know it's about you, though.  Just like you'll never be certain if some stories that are claim are true are actually true.

It's the storyteller's way.  (My Giant Jesus stories ARE all true, in case you're worried.  Just saying.)